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Graceworks has been involved with missions work in Nicaragua, Peru, Honduras, Haiti, and Nepal in it's young seven year life. We believe the church is to be 'on mission' in the everyday living out of our faith.


New Families Ministry


If you're new to our church family, we are honored you have chosen to visit with us and want to know more about who we are. We would love to meet you. Please introduce yourself to the pastor after the service this week or email through this site or leave a message at church office to set up an informal meeting where you can get to know our pastor and have your questions about Graceworks answered.

Missions Ministry
Youth Ministry


Our student pastor has many years of ministry experience discipling students and helping them acknowledge God's will for their life. He does a great job of preparing meaningful lessons and experiences for our students that equip them with the tools and resources they need to live God-honoring lives.

Senior Ministry


We have a good mix of ages in our church family. You can definitely find people who are at a similar stage of life as you. Age is just a number. Some of the greatest passion for God in our church family is in our seniors.

Singles Ministry


We have a healthy group of single adults who love God and enjoy doing things together. We're not trying to be the place you come to meet your spouse. Just a place where you can come and meet some great people like you who are interested in what God has for their lives.

Children Ministry


CHAOS is our Children's ministry. It stands for Children's Hearts Accepting Our Savior. We have a place for your K-5 student at our 10:00 service. There are activities and lessons geared specifically for our students and taught by people who love kids!

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